Consider this the beneficial suppository we have to stick up our asses sometimes to see things clearly.

Therapeutic mainly for the author, but, if you get some kick out of it, then good for you.

If you find it offensive or any of the content offensive please feel free to go fuck your self, or, message the author about it and he will probably reply you to go fuck your self.

About the author.

Dickhead with a heart of gold and an asshole with words that stick with you like honey.

Doesn’t take himself too seriously, likes to write about himself in the third person because he is definitely a split personality, or three, or four.

Grew up poor, fought a lot and has been training most of his life to be a charming manipulator that gets people to think about real shit or to just get their clothes off for him and do sex acts they never dared before.

Loves to talk about the elephant in the room and can’t get enough of himself because he is very light on shame and really good at debating.

Thinks that life is getting shorter and realises that nothing really matters and he is OK with that.